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What if my cat is already pregnant when I take her to get spayed? Can the vet tell by feeling the stomach before they start the procedure? I have a stray that has been wandering the neighborhood. Not sure of her condition.

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Nora  S.

Sep 19, 2008

Like others said, it depends how far along she is. You will need to check with the different vets because there are vets that prefer not to abort pregnancies.

While the idea of aborting a pregnancy seems horrific to most people, just think of the kittens that this mama will be having outdoors, just before the changing of seasons. Sometimes it is best to simply abort than to bring baby kittens into a situation where the mom may not be able to care for them, where the babies may not be able to withstand the elements (ie-rainstorms, snow, wind storms, etc). They may not have adequate access to food, water, or veterinary care at all times, and unless you are able to get all the babies fixed as well, you will have a stray cat community on your hands. It is truly best for the mama cat as well as the babies to abort if possible unless you are able to find warm, safe, responsible homes for them all.

Good luck!

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Sep 19, 2008

Most times they check anyway but be sure to tell your vet just to be sure. If she's not too far along most vets will also go ahead & do the procedure at a slightly increased fee. I know a lot of people don't do this but as a rescuer who has the unfortunate task of having to look at all the cats & kittens already in shelters & walk away knowing they're going to die because I can't find one more foster or rescue group to take them I can't see bringing anymore into the world.

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Jessica H.

Sep 19, 2008

It depends how far into the pregnancy she is. Sometimes you can tell by palpating, sometimes you can't tell until you're already in there. Bring it up with the vet; s/he should check, and then might ask if she is if you want to abort the pregnancy and continue with the spay or wait and have her deliver the kittens before.

Some vets will even ask if you want to know if the animal is pregnant after the spay, because sometimes owners will bring animals in to be spayed and they will be pregnant and not even know it; some owners want to know if they were pregnant and some don't want to know (because obviously in order to spay a pregnant animal you have to abort the pregnancy).

I suggest to call your clinic before hand, perhaps talk to a tech or maybe the receptionist and ask about their policy if they make the abdominal incision and discover she is pregnant. Some may call you, some may ask you what you want to do before hand (as a fail-safe).

But bottom line, depending how far along she is, the doctor may or may not be able to tell. You could also have an ultrasound taken after the 21st day of pregnancy and/or radiographs taken after the 42nd day.

How long have you had the stray? The pregnancy should only be about 63 days so if you've had her for more than two months, chances are she isn't pregnant.

Good luck, and my only advice is to call the clinic and ask the tech, receptionist or even the DR themselves what their policy is. Keep in mind that extra charges may be applied for additional procedures they have to perform to confirm a pregnancy.

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