Q: Strange Kitten Behavior

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Hey guys!

I recently adopted a new kitten three days ago. He has a basket where he sleeps, where there is his special blanket from the shelter.

I walk into to check on him, and he plays and then goes into his basket. he will need it the blanket with his claws and then bite onto the blanket and suck and gnaw on it. I'm confused and want to know why he does this.

Thanks guys!

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Jul 09, 2012

Kneading and suckling things is not strange or unusual behavior for kittens. It's a way they comfort themselves. A kitten spends the first 8-12 weeks (hopefully) with it's mother. When it nurses, it kneads around the nipple to stimulate milk production. It not only provides sustenance, it provides comfort and security. All is right with the world when a kitten is safely with it's mom. Oftentimes, especially when an kitten is taken from mom too early, you'll see this behavior displaced to inanimate objects or people. Most of the time they outgrow it. Some do it all their lives...very common in Siamese and other Oriental breeds. There's even a term for it. It's called "wool sucking." You only need to become concerned about it progresses to the point where she is actually eating the fabric. At that point it is not only destructive, it is dangerous for your cat.

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