Q: Strange Cat Behavior?

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Shorty and Teddy are my two cats Teddy is spayed and Shorty is nuetered but one of Teddy's behavior's towards Shorty is very strange if anyone knows why she is doing this let me know? Shorty will approach Teddy and lay down next to her and once she notices that he is there she will growl and hiss at him but after she does that she will lick his paw or his cheek and then she will repeat doing this sevral times. Hiss and growl and lick shorty's paw or his cheek then hiss and growl again and once more lick his paw or his cheek. I have never been able to figure out this behavior and why Teddy does it we used to have a cat named Lowrence too but she never showed this type of behavior towards Lowerence or with Biff when we had him nor with Charlie or Storm or Oatmeal only with Shorty. So does anyone know Why Teddy does this to Shorty and only to Shorty?

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Jun 28, 2011

This could be a simple case of territoral protection. If, your pets weren't fixed, that would be a different story. Have the pets been together for a long time, or are they just getting to know each other? If they are new to each other, they just need alone time. What are their ages? My old cats, Bodi and Mosses, were fixed, but still would act like an unfixed cat, and Bodi, a female, would get 'hormonal' ,if you will, and scratch and hiss and Mosses as if she was defending her territory. This would go off and on, and eventully it just went away. Your cats are most likely just being cats, and defending the territory they see as theirs. I would suggest going to www.discovery.animl.com for behavoir tips on cats and dogs. I hope this helps.

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