Q: Storm phobia: what should I do?

March 7, 2009 | By Kelsey S. | 23 answers | Expired: 2104 days ago

Kelsey S.

Last spring, my Annie decided that thunderstorms were terrifying. This came when she was six years old and with little history of the fear (she never liked being outside in thunder, but was perfectly fine inside). I was hoping she would forget her fear over the winter, but no such luck. She is begining to make my other dog scared of storms as well. What should I try to reduce her fear?

She doesn't care a whit about tapes of storm sounds. The one place she finds any comfort - and she still will not stop pacing during a storm - is upstairs in the double-insulated bedroom, but that is off limits because of Dad's allergies and, more importantly, a Motherly Decree that is not going to change anytime soon.

Any suggestions?

EDIT (3/7): Thank you for all of your answers. I can't wait to try some of your ideas. I'll let you know if I notice anything helping! Keep up the great suggestions. :)

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Mar 07, 2009

Your vet might help. They can give her something to calm her down.

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Mar 07, 2009

Get her a crate she can retreat to. The smallness will resemble a den where she can feel safe and secure. Do not try to soothe her, this will only reinforce her instabilities.

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Susan D.

Mar 07, 2009

I took a course on the "Tellington Touch" by Linda Tellington-Jones. She has some examples of dogs with fear and how you can make them feel more secure by having them wear a T-shirt or wrapping them in a certain manner with an ace bandage. I tried this and it worked for a dog that was fearful of being left alone. I advise you to get her book and read it. She has some interesting ideas.

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