Q: Stop the Itching!

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Stop the Itching!

My 13 yr. old sheppard mix female has had allergy problems all her life. She was tested and has multiple environmental allergies. We tried shots for awhile but they didn't help. She has been on prednisone for several years with good success and no medical problems. However, this time of year she gets very itchy on her belly. She will lick and bite the area obsessively. She's difficult to bath often so I was wondering if there are any topical products that will give her some comfort and are safe (she will probably injest it).

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May 01, 2008

So sorry to hear your girl is miserable with allergies!

Even though she has environmental allergies, I would highly recommend you put her on a completely natural diet. Just as in people, the junk food that passes for "dog food" nowadays (grocery brands, Beneful, Pedigree, Kibbles n' Bits, most Purina and Iams) is full of ingredients dogs were never designed to eat and make their bodies cope with processing. The task of trying to flush toxins from her body that were introduced by way of food can and will make your dog more susceptible to outside irritants.

Now, I'm not saying that a good diet will heal cancer or reverse Alzheimer's. But I am saying this - check out "The Great Physician's Rx for Health and Wellness" by Jordan Rubin. It is a phenomenal book, completely truthful and from personal experience. Everything in that book can be applied to the food we feed our animals, because for hundreds of years, until the last century even, animals were fed natural scraps from the table and thrived on them.

As an added note, by father-in-law, just turned 50 last July, was diagnosed 3 years back with Crohn's disease (a disease of the bowel and intestine system that shuts down your ability to absorb the food nutrients you eat). He went from being in alright health, though a bit overweight, and looking like a typical 50-year old to losing 50 pounds and being hospitalized. He was nearly skin and bones and his doctor put him on "medicine" to cure his disease. Well, it kind of helped his disease, but it changed his personality and made him feel constantly sick, because the "medicine" was poisoning every other area of his body.

He finally, 2 months ago, at the recommendation of a natural health physician, started a clean slate in his life, eating nothing but organically grown vegetables, breads, and meats. I cannot believe the man I see today is the same man I saw last August on his deathbed. He looks like he's in his 30s, is luminous, happy and calm, and has so much energy it puts me, a 24-year old, to shame. He is lean and trim and simply doesn't at all resemble the worn-out grandfather I've been used to seeing. And he's done NOTHING but changed what he puts in his mouth.

I share all of this because not only do I believe in my heart that diet is the factor upon which all life functions, good or (as greatly evident in America) bad, but that food is here for you to THRIVE on, not SURVIVE on.

Look up some information about natural dog food and the wonderful things it can do for your dog's health. The most typical results of a natural diet are healthy skin, gums and eyes, a full and clean coat, lack of typical "dog" breath, less poop and firmer stools - but most of all, your dog is guaranteed to be healthy and happy.

Here is a good website of facts concerning raw food, its overwhelming health benefits, and why its best concerning your pet's natural physiology:

I wish you the best of luck for you and your dog!

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May 02, 2008

First off, it's a shame the shots didn't work. It took several years of allergy shots I gave at home for her to develop immunity. Your dog is probably recting to mold and pollen from this time of year. It can be helpful to wipe her off with a doggie wipe - including the paws - when she comes in. This will help reduce the allergens on her. talke with your vet as she may benefit from Benedryl or another antihistamine this time of year.

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betty p.

May 04, 2008

Our dog Alarm is also allegic to most everything outside. So after each trip out, he gets wiped down with baby wipes. Especially the feet, legs and belly. We also keep all plants and trees away from where he normally pottys.

I would also look at some holistic stuff that might help. We have not gone that route yet with Alarm since the wipes help.

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