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I know that it usaully depends on the dog more than the breed but I thought I may ask anyways I wanted a large dog and had it all figured out but we are going to have to have a small or medium dog which means like 5 pounds to 30 or 40 pounds the dog is going to be a family dog that we want to bond with all of us all though I know the dog will have a very specail bond better than the rest with just one of us and a dog that will get along with Shorty and my grandma's dog Cricket in case we visit with the dog or we need a baby sister for the new pooch I absoultly loved Skitters and I like the rat terrier breed but we want to try a diffrent kind of dog this time around we also want the dog to warn us about intruders just in case so what are the best family dogs like this?

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May 14, 2012

Just adopt the dog that tugs at your heartstrings a little more than the others. The rest will fall into place. Dogs tend to be protective of owners they love and respect. it doesn't really matter about the breed or mixes of breeds. You'll find the dog that's right for you if you just relax and let it happen. Don't overthink it. Some adopt the dog that's next on the list to die. As long as the dog is cat- and dog-friendly, the rest are just details that take care of themselves. It doesn't have to be a specific breed to be loved or to love.

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May 21, 2012

I've never had a dog who didn't bark if they thought a stranger was too close to the house. I'm sure they exist, but for the most part it's instinctual. Sometimes planning for a specific breed isn't as helpful as it seems. When you're adopting, you're looking at dogs from all different situations and backgrounds. 1 our of 4 is purebred so if you're choosing a dog based on how they connect to you and how they'll fit into your lifestyle, chances are you'll be bringing home a mutt. They may have this and this and this breed in their lineage, but there's no telling which breed will be the dominant one in terms of temperament. It'd be easiest to look around, find a dog who works for you and your family, then go home to research what breeds they are before adopting.

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