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Shorty has to go to the vet almost every month he is allergic to fleas and has to get steriod shots along with all Natrual flea spray and revelution to get rid of the fleas I don't like the steriod shots cause they can be bad for him so I was wondering what is a good alternitive instead of the steriod shots?

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Oct 06, 2011

Does Shorty go outside or are the fleas from Skitters bringing them in? If Shorty's going out, conditioning him to stay indoors would be the best alternative. But if Skitters is bringing them in or if Shorty absolutely can not be kept in {like if he's marking}, you can try alternating the cortisone shots with prednisone tablets. This takes some long term calculation, but it seems a good choice for determining the smallest amount of steroids needed. Cats are less likely to develop problems from steroids than we are, so if it's not year round you may want to stick to what works.

There is a method similar to vaccinations that can be done with questionable effectiveness. For the sake of ease, we'll just say there's a 50/50 chance of it working. Over a period of time, a vet can administer trace amounts of flea saliva to Shorty to hopefully rewrite his immune system's response to it. Right now his IS is working overtime with flea bites and creating the allergy. If successful, this method would not only decrease that reaction, but potentially eliminate it altogether. I have no idea what the costs would be or how researched this is, but your vet will be able to answer those questions.

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