Q: Spots/rash on dog?

April 1, 2010 | By Kelsey S. | 3 answers | Expired: 1621 days ago

Spots/rash on dog?

My Border Collie, Max, has a few spots on his side. Two or three of them look just like bug bites he's scratched, but the most noteworthy spot has a red, scratched-looking center with a not-quite-symmetrical ring around it. It looks worse (more distinctive, more irritated skin, etc.) in real life, but the picture is a good start.
Does this ring bells for anyone?

Background info: 6 1/2 yr old, male, neutered, Border Collie, has epilepsy and seasonal allergies, on phenobarbital, coming off prednisone, lives in Midwest of US.

Edit, April 3: Thanks for the responses. He has no visible fleas or flea dirt. I have a vet appointment set for Tuesday but if it looks better before that I may cancel. Better safe than sorry!

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Linda B.

Apr 03, 2010

Pre-Frontline and Advantage, I had two dogs with flea/grass allergies and the spots look very similar. They chew and scratch and can have a rash that goes along with the sores.

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Apr 01, 2010

ringworm? lyme disease? not sure which you're eluding to, but i don't think it looks like either. to me, it looks like bug bites or itchy allergies. tis the season, after all! go over him w/a flea comb and just keep an eye on him...i say that like you're gonna toss him outside and just say "good luck!" but you know the drill, if it gets worse, call the vet. if not, you can chalk it up to a bug bite. if you're really worried, get him checked out, but i'm really not seeing ringworm or lyme disease in that pic. who knows though, maybe it just wasn't well defined when you took it.

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Nancy C.

Apr 01, 2010

Given his background it could be an allergy. Sometimes dogs are allergic to foods but most likely its something environmental. If the rash seems itchy it could also be allergies from a flea bite. Dogs get these "hot spots" and it is very uncomfortable. Also ( you may know this) prednisone suppresses the immune system so those allergies could be really acting up in new ways. If you were in my part of the US I would say to get a Lymes test as well. That may not be needed where you are though. I would go to your vet and get checked to be sure. If the allergy is from something in the environment (such as a bug bite) then you will have a better idea on how to treat it. Good luck !

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