Q: Skitters Has a bump on her lip?

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Skitters has a big red bump on the outside of her bottom lip it wasn't there last night when she went to sleep then when I woke up this morning I saw it on her first thing I don't know what it is but could it be a canker sore or is it something else,? it doesn't seem to bug her any although she has been licking it alot and I know that it is not a cyst it doesn't look anything like a cyst which she has had before in fact she has one a top her head right now but what is this red bump on the outside of her bottom lip and does she need to go to the vet for it?

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Oct 02, 2011

Since it just appeared overnight, I wouldn't be too concerned about it. It's probably something like an infected hair follicle, an allergy, or even an insect bite. If it's an infected hair follicle you can speed up the healing by applying warm compresses to it for 10-15 minutes a day. Wash it with warm water and a mild antibacterial soap after applying the compress. An allergy is more complicated. Anything from plastic bowls to food to airborne inhalants could cause allergies that result in bumps and sores. Just start with the compresses and keep an eye on it. It should go away in a few days. If it gets worse, gets larger, or doesn't go away in about week, you should have a vet look at it.

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