Q: Skitters Bone Behavior?

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Tonight we gave Skitters and Shorty each a treat Shorty got Beef gerbers baby food and Skitters got a huge roast bone soaked in marrow they both loved their treats they rarely get spendy treats like that but when they do they love them Skitters loved hers tonight so much that when she set it down on her bed and Shorty just walked by she would run over from across the room and growl and snap at him to make sure he didn't take it even though he had no intrest in it also I have noticed that if Skitters has a treat or her food or one of her toys I can take everything from her and she could care less and I do give it back to her if she is allowed to have it but if anyone else tries to take that stuff from her she won't let them she growls at them and snaps at them I was wondering if this is food aggerssion although how can it be when she doesn't do it to me and how can it be when she does it with her toys too? I would also like to stop her from doing this cause eventually she is gonna get a hold of some ones hand or arm and hurt them or get a hold of Shorty and hurt him really bad?

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Feb 03, 2012

She either really trusts you or really respects you, probably both. It is food aggression, but this can be simplified by saying possessiveness over what she feels are hers. Older dogs especially can get snappy about their things, and yes, it can turn into a bite. When she does this, you'll want to remove the food or toy, giving it back to her when she shows positive behavior. If she just nibbles the fat off or licks the bone, that's fine, but if she's chewing off pieces you'll want to stop giving her those. The pieces splinter and tear tissue, get stuck in the throat, and they can also obstruct or tear the stomach and intestines. In place of bones, you can dip other treats in the gravy or broth.

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