Q: Skitters and the box?

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I wanted to know how to take care of this Skitters will get in to the litter box and eat the cat messes that are in it not all of them just a couple of them but it is gross and bad for her health and she likes to give kisses and I don't like having to brush her teeth every time she does it so she can give out kisses to everyone so I was wondering how can I keep her outta the litter box I can't set it up higher cause then Teddy won't be able to get to it and that also means I can't put a fence in front of it like a baby gate cause not even Shorty will jump over a baby gate I don't like making Shorty jump cause he seems to have early joint problems and he is still very young Skitters also does not respond to squirt bottles or the word no if it is something to do with eating and you tell her no she growls the real problem is Skitters has always been properly fed but the neighbor's threw scraps over the fence she is over weight from that I think that is also what made her have the food aggression that she has now but she only has it when she is after kitty messes or kitty food how do I get her to behave herself?

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Dec 02, 2011

The best way to prevent her from doing this is to keep the litter boxes clean. As soon as you notice feces in the box, scoop it out. There are products available that can be added to the food of the animal whose feces is being eaten that will be offensive to the offender, such as Forbid, Deter, Dis-Taste, to name a few. You can also sprinkle the feces with hot sauce, Bitter Apple spray, or something else that Skitters finds offensive. Just make sure that the product is safe for all pets involved since it will be in the litter box. Also, it will have to be applied after every elimination to work properly. It only takes your dog finding one piece of feces that isn't distasteful for the training not to work. Sometimes the behavior is stress-induced, so you need to determine if something is causing stress for Skitters. It may also help to divide Skitters' meals up into small servings several times a day so she isn't looking for food in the middle of the day. Also, so people say that a diet high in carbohydrates can cause this, so putting her on a high quality, grain-free, meat-based food could help. If all else fails, try covered litter boxes and face the opening toward the wall or into the corner where the cats can easily use them, but Skitters can't access them. Some cats don't like covered litter boxes though as they hold in odors that we as humans aren't even aware of. Cats are sensitive to litter box odors. Any kind of deterrent you use, you have to be consistent. If you use a noise maker to startle her, you have to use it every time she goes for the litter box. This makes a lot of deterrents ineffective because you can't watch her 24/7.

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Dec 02, 2011





Since most site suggest "baby gate" as an option, you can get a gate with a small door for smaller pets. Google "baby gate with pet door" and see what you find. You could also make one.

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