Q: Siberian Husky Loosing Fur

May 8, 2008 | By Maple125 | 9 answers | Expired: 2379 days ago

My white siberian husky is loosing his fur. We have seen the vet and tried various solutions. Neutering has been the latest, since the vet said it could be a hormonal issue. We have also tried melatonin tablets. No change. I have added fish oil to his food, no change. The only thing that I saw a difference in was when I used Wheat Germ in his food. But there are areas around his neck and on his hind legs where the hair just won't return. Now his fur on his body is becoming very thin. He is on Science Diet Dry Food and Pedigree Canned Food. Has anyone experienced this with a Nordic Breed? Please Help.

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May 09, 2008

You didn't say how long this has been going on, but dogs with double coats will shed them twice a year, typically spring and fall. It's more noticeable if they're allowed outside so that they're affected by seasonal changes.

I would start over with your dog. Put him on a good, natural (organic if you can afford it) diet. You're only as good as the food you eat - it's what your body is made of, so don't expect to eat junk and not look and feel like junk afterwards.

I will tell you right off that bat that you should toss your Pedigree food. Pedigree is one of those highly promoted, yet ironically highly lethal foods on the market. In fact, I would not touch ANYTHING produced by Pedigree, Purina, Iams, or any other grocery brand. These companies are concerned with profit, not your pet's health. If you don't believe me, pick up "Food Pets Die For" by Ann N. Martin. Her book is truthful and can be fully substantiated. Also take a peek at "The Dog Bible", an indespensible tome of everything dog.

I don't think very highly of Science Diet either - I have a feeling their ingredients changed since being bought by Mars or Purina or whoever owns them now. They use a lot of grains and vegetables in their foods; not good for carnivorous animals like dogs!

If you're not interested in making your dog's food, at least go with a minimally processed commercial food, perhaps Eagle Pack in Mishawaka (it's a very good food), Blue Buffalo, or something of that quality. You can read my reviews of popular foods here on this site, but you can get real opinions of foods anywhere on the web - it's a hotly debated topic.

Your dog very well may be reacting to something other than food, but I would really check out his food first. Try him on a completely new diet and see if that doesn't help out his body. I would also get ahold of a natural or homeopathic veterinarian and get their opinion. The last thing you want to do is bombard your dog with medication if his body isn't up to par in the first place.

Best of luck to you and your dog!

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Marta J.

May 08, 2008

I agree see a dermatologist. It could be a lot of things. He might get a skin scraping to check for mange mites, fungus, allergies, bacterial infections, thyroid problems, just to name a few. It's a lot easier to help the dog if you know the problem.

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Gwen J.

May 08, 2008

I would recommend a different dog food! I have a husky and have been feeding him Nutro Natural Choice Lamb and Rice food for his entire life, he's extremely healthy. I know that a lot of vets recommend Science Diet, but it really isn't a very good food, it's loaded with corn, the protein source is questionable and I haven't seen any good results with any of their foods, even kitten food! I think the fish oil is probably a good idea, but remember that whenever you change a dog's food it takes at least a month to notice a difference. I discovered last year that my border collie has an allergy to poultry but it took us about thee or four months of being diligent about not feeding her anything but the "test" diet for the entire period.

Good luck with your Husky!

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May 08, 2008

My Lab has started loosing his hair in patches - My vet thinks he has a yeast infection on his skin - he has given him an anti-inflamitory and special soap I have to bath him in every two days - it's been 3 weeks and it is getting better and has definatly slowed - hope this helps.

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