Q: Should we treat him?

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I really need a vets opinion. Or someone who has dealt with this through their own dog.

My dog has Symmetrical Lupoid Onychodystrophy or SLO. Which causes his toe nails to fall off. It can be very painful while the nails fall off but once they are gone it doesn‘t hurt. While his nails were falling off he would hardly run or play because it would hurt his toes and he would lick his toes 24/7. Which was very annoying in a silent room.
Right now his nails are gone and he seems fine. now that they are gone he runs and plays like he used to and seems to like it better with out them. He pads around and rough houses with our other dog. It's actually been nice not having to trim his black nails. We've tried several different treatments from 3 different vets and nothing seems to work. I was looking on the internet and all they talk about is treatment. But I was wondering what if we don't do anything to treat it? Will it still harm my dog? He can live without toe nails I just don’t want him to become sick if we do nothing. We never thought to ask the vets what would happen if we didn't treating it.

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Stephanie  C.

Jun 28, 2010

Are his quicks gone too? or is he still running on them?
I would think this is a dangerous too, have an open wound while the nails are falling out. He should be on antibiotics and pain meds during this.

As for long term care, ask your vet about having the toenails removed permanently. There is no reason to continue piling up vet bills and have him go through the pain and risk infection.

Good luck!

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Jessica P.

Jun 27, 2010

If your dog isn't running and playing, then he is in pain. I agree with the other post about asking a vet, but it may take several vets to find an acceptable answer to help your dog as it does not sound like a common problem. I would think, though again have no real knowledge to back up my thought, they would be able to "burn" or otherwise stunt the growth of his toenails like they do to humans who have chronic ingrown toenails, or goat horns. Other than surgical options at the very least have your vet prescribe a pain medicine during the process, and possibly an antibiotic as it seems like his feet would be at risk of infection while the toenails healed. Good luck!

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Gail S.

Jun 27, 2010

You may want to try this website: askvetadvice.com
You will be able to get a response from a Vetrinarian from that website. I don't know if there are many Vetrinarians on this website. You may get many responses from "pet lovers and owners" who are knowlegeable but not to the degree of a Vetrinarian. I also encourage you to make an appointment with a Vetrinarian who can examine your dog's condition. On line advice is okay but it should never be substitued for approriate Vetrinarian care and oversight. I hope everything works out for your dog.

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