Q: should i confiscate my cat?

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on sunday an incredibly nice lady came over to meet one of our fosters, monstro, and although i didn't feel like i had any reason to be uncomfortable, i just was. you could tell she cared a lot about her animals, has one dog that she absolutely adores and her last dog lived to be 16 - this is why i adopted to her. now i'm thinking of confiscating the cat, as allowed by my adoption contract.
my problems are not w/her, but w/how she keeps her house and her income. she came over to our home to meet monstro, but we deliver our cats to their new homes. i was displeased to say the least, and didn't want to leave him there. my boyfriend asked me to give it a chance and i reluctantly agreed. her home was very messy. mostly just piles of laundry and magazines/newspapers, but i don't know whats hidden beneath those - and her living room had a stink to it. i'm not normally judgmental, but the well being of my cat is at stake. and who knows if she tidied up before we came! she did say that $50 for a cat from the humane society {shes 60, gets a discount}, was too much. i don't know if thats b/c she couldn't afford it or if this is due to seeing free cats all the time. we only charge $30, but that will be upped to $40 now. if something were to happen, would she take of it?
i feel ashamed for leaving him there and want to get him immediately. what puts me on the fence is that her dog was in excellent condition. a little thick around the middle, but healthy and clean.
does home care, or lack thereof, reflect the care monstro will receive? if her house were cleaner, i would be comfortable w/this. what does everyone think? what would you do?
i'm getting conflicting views from friends and family, but a valid point has surfaced: i refuse more people than i approve. i get very attached to these cats and if you answer one question wrong, i can be very quick to dismiss you. this lady answered everything wonderfully, and i can't deny that monstro is my favorite. no matter who i adopt to, i always harbor some concern about them. my boyfriend and i are planning to stop by unannounced to deliver her copy of the contract, at that point i will make my decision. what is too much though? clutter, i can handle. garbage, i will not. any points and thoughts on the in between will be valued and taken into consideration.

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Robin  P.

Jul 14, 2009

I run a small, private dog rescue out of my home and have, at one point, bought back a puppy I had adopted out. The adoptive family wanted to be hard noses about it so I paid twice what they had adopted him for. But I had the same feeling....something wan't quite right. If your contract specifies you have the right, my reaction would be to prepare her for unscheduled visits to check on the cat. The more you see her interact with him, the more certain you will be about whatever decision you eventually make. However, my 34 year old sone is single, lives alone, works much of the time and is a terrible house keeper. But he has 4 cats and loves them with all his heart. He loves ALL animals but cats especially. I'm not sure I would eat a meal in his apartment myself but I know those ats are loved and cared for. Actually they are fat and spoiled. If, over time, you see nothing but love and affection for the cat but the house continues to be nasty, I'm sure the cat isn't really caring too much. Check her vet records to make sure shots are kept up to date and make your decision then. Good luck!!

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Jul 18, 2009

my mom has a cat & has recently taken 1 of my pups... she is a neat freak but she has been slowin down alot... to the point that family will go over & help her clean up... simply because she cant stand for very long... but she makes sure that the 1st thing done is the babies get everything they may need...

perhaps this lady is the same way, with the exception that she doesnt have anyone who can help her clean up... as your bf says, give it a chance... go over in a few days or even a couple weeks & check up on your furkid... if you still have that bad feeling then do what you feel you need to do...

any time someone was interested in my furkids i would do a home check... if they were to far away i would contact someone who was closer, including A/C... lol... if they rented. i would contact their property manager to confirm if they could have a pet, what the size limit was & if pets were allowed in the house... that right there eliminated alot of people...

good luck with this...

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jenny s.

Jul 15, 2009

your last few sentences sum it all up: clutter is one thing-- garbage is another story. try to determine if the lady is messy or if she lives in squalor--when you stop by, ask to see where monstro eats and poops. keep in mind that people who are "collectors" of animals usually live in complete squalor and have many, many animals--sounds like she only has a couple.

final answer--go with your intuition.

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