Q: Should I Be Worried?

July 27, 2011 | By Ches21 | 1 answer | Expired: 1647 days ago


it has been 3 days now and I have not seen the shrew who I have decided to call Inkheart since it is my favorite book and since the name can be for a male or a female. But since Inkheart could have been hurt should I be worried about him and should I look everywhere in my backyard for him despite the fact that he is a wild shrew what should I do?

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Jul 27, 2011

If your brother injured the shrew, you're probably not going to find it. They burrow underground & that's where it would go if it was seriously hurt. It may also have decided to seek out a new territory after that incident. Between the dog & your brother, it may feel threatened. Being a shrew, I'm sure it views Skitters as a predator each & every time he sticks his nose down on it. Biting is his only defense. It's also the middle of breeding season. If it's a male, it may have widened its territory in search of a female. There's not a lot you can do unless you find it laying on the ground injured. Then you can call a wildlife rehabber registered with the state.

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