Q: Shorty's Petco Behavior?

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Shorty is my foster cat and at home he is always himself and does normal cat things and odd ones too just like any other cat would, but when I take him to petco he doesn't show his true personality I can get him to do the command sit and the command shake for a treat at petco but otherwise he just lays there and looks upset and won't let his true personality shine through. I have tried to play with him, brush him, hold him, pet him, put toys in with him and even tried to put other cats in with him but nothing seems to work I think not rubbing against people and purring constently like he does at home might be why no one seems to be interested in him. So how can I get him to open up and show his true personality at petco?

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May 15, 2011

Some dogs and cats just aren't going to show well in situations like adoption events. Everyone who fosters has had a dog or cat that they didn't take to adoption events because it terrified them. Mostly these animals are still listed on petfinder through their groups but prospective adopters arrange to meet them in your home and not in situations that are scary to them. I'm sure if you ask, your rescue group has some sort of protocol for dealing with that. We all want our fosters to shine so we don't set them up for failure. Play to their strengths.

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