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Shorty has all of a sudden outta no where just started peeing outside the litter box I scoop it every day Shorty has also been really pukey, and he just got his flea stuff it's normal for him to stay in my room alot for several days right after getting it but he always hides under the dresser and will come out when called and is not fond of the end of my bed but he has been sleeping at the end of the bed and won't come out from under the dresser when I call him nothing has changed and he is going poop in the litter box but peeing outside of it and if I pick him up he growls and hisses and tries to get away this is not like him at all he won't play and he sleeps alot this only started on the 1st but I am wondering what is wrong he doesn't go outside without my supervison and both him and Abby have all their shots Also one more thing he has watery diarhea now too it is just brown smelly water, So I am wondering what is wrong?

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Oct 10, 2012

Vomiting, nausea, and lethargy in a male cat should never be ignored. It sounds like Shorty could have a UTI or other urinary problem such as a kidney/bladder stone. Cats that are in pain when they urinate often stop urinating in the box because they associate it with the pain they feel. His growling when being picked up, especially if he's always complied before, also indicate that he's probably in pain. He should be checked out by a vet immediately. Urinary problems in male cats can be deadly due to the small size of their urethra. It can become blocked very easily with even small crystals or stones. Once there is a blockage toxins build up in the system and a cat can die within hours.

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Oct 15, 2012

I agree that it sounds like your kitty is in pain and needs to be seen by a vet. Even if he doesn't have a urinary infection, diarrhea can be serious. It doesn't take long for a cat to become dehydrated.

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