Q: Shorty and the Outdoors?

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Shorty is my kitty as you know I have noticed somthing about him very recently which is that well he gets to go outside but only when he is supervised otherwise he will run off and hide and hiss at everyone who tries to take him out of his hiding spot when Skitters was around and every now and then he would get out if some one left the door open I would let Skitters out and she would bring him back he had no problem following her back in but now even if I let him out while I supervise him he hisses at who ever tries to bring him back in or if we tell him time to go inside he ignores us when in the house he listens to his commands I know he is a cat but he thinks he is part dog he will go to bed when I tell him to and knows how to play fetch and knows the command sit and shake and we are now teaching him stay and he listens to everyone fine in the house and allows everyone to pick him up and hold him without one hiss or growl but when outside he hisses and growls at who ever tries to bring him in or tells him to come in I would try leash training but I am afraid that he could be the same way on a leash when it is time to come in what should I do any suggestions?

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May 08, 2012

Most cats act differently outside b/c they feel vulnerable and nervous. Unlike dogs, cats aren't roamers. They feel secure with a certain range and the outdoors, being so open and broad, puts them on the defense. I would definitely harness Shorty. Get one of those bungy harnesses for this and practice inside first, using treats as a reward for wearing it. Then put it on him every time he goes outside, no exceptions, and he'll associate it with that freedom. Hopefully the harness will add a level of security b/c you'll be in control and be able to protect him.

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daryl b.

May 08, 2012

ches maybe he just realizes it is spring.

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