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Our Shiba Inu turning 12 this month, in good health, has started shaking and whining when we get home until we take him for a walk. After the walk, no shaking and he goes back to hanging out with us. We walk him almost everyday, that hasn't changed. There has been no change in our environment or family situation. One day we came home and found him standing in our window sill and he would not get down until we commanded him to. Very odd behavior. I don't know if this is due to aging or something else. He does have a history of occasional seizures, but is not on any medications. Any ideas?

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Apr 30, 2012

The shaking when you get home is his level of excitement - which is just overly excited. When this is too exciting for them, you'll want to ignore them until they've calmed down on their own so they don't anticipate it as being a huge deal. Otherwise this excitement turns to anxiety and separation anxiety tends to include peeing indoors, destruction of home and furniture, and loud crying and barking while you're gone.

All dogs should be walked daily, usually for 45-60 minutes. Shiba's aren't necessarily high energy dogs, but they have more stamina and should be exercised more than your typical dog. Try doing a daily 60 minute walk for this breed plus up to an additional hour of training/play.

Up to 2 years old is the highest energy you'll see in your dog, and is also when they need the most exercise. Try walking him before you leave, even if it's only 30 minutes b/c you can save the other 30 minutes for when you get home and then tack on the training and play with that.

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