Q: Shasta Again?

February 10, 2013 | By Ches21 | 1 answer | Expired: 576 days ago


Okay this time I want to know how to break a dog of gaurding things Shasta will gaurd her treats and dry food but she also will gaurd random things her leash her bed shoes anything left around her on the floor she growls and will bite if we try to get near her to take away the random object whatever it might be we have ignored her to let her get it out of her system told her no even bribed her with treats and walks or going outside but it doesn't work if she does go outside or on a walk once she gets home she goes right back to growling at everyone I try to keep rawhydes off the floor unless she is chewing on a dingo which she picks up to gaurd but she will let you take the dingo's away from her with no problem same with her soft food this is something that we need to break her of even if she is just going to stay with us my dad will be unable to take her back he can pay for her but he can't care for her any more and so we don't know if we are keeping her or finding her a new home but can some one help me with this?

Also my blog for today is that we just got a new dog in the rescue named Bruiser he is a chocolate and white colored boston terrier mix I don't know the entire story but a pet groomer at petco brought him in she had found him a home she thought was a good one but they brought him back saying they didn't want him anymore about after a couple a months and he had lasarations all over him old ones and fresh ones and was terrified so she gave him to the rescue to be rehabilitated and find a new home we figure they were using him as a bait dog for fight dogs poor baby he likes female dogs but doesn't fair well with male dogs, but at least we got him stuff like this makes me sick how people can do this to a dog is beyond me and pittbulls don't have to be fight dogs we had one there today for the adoption event her name is Lexi and we had a sheperd pit mix named Lily there Lexi is just goofy and playful and as for Lily she is only 2 years old but she is very well behaved and housebroken and just wants love How does this story make you feel?

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Feb 11, 2013

If none of the suggestions peole have given you have worked so far, my only other suggestion is to get her professional help.

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