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November 30, 2010 | By zoe g. | 1 answer | Expired: 1884 days ago

zoe g.

My rat saw my cat yesterday. He ate when i fed him, he ate, but today when I took him out he barley played with his toys and what not when i took him out. I'm worried, should I be?

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Dec 01, 2010

I would keep your rat in a room your cat does not go in and keep the door of that room shut. When I was in middle school we thought nothing of it when we got four dwarf hamsters and already had our alley cat Biff who would kill the wild mice and rats in the garage and then leave them laying in front of the garage door. Biff was kept in my room at night but there was something wrong with the door knob and he was able to turn the door knob to open the door. That night he let himself out I woke up when I heard a crash Biff had been very naughty he even knew better than this he had knocked the cage over and killed all four of the hamsters. Kiss, Feisty, Visous and Ding-dong where all dead. He got put outside for the rest of the night Teddy had followed him out of the room but she has never had any intrest in hamsters and mice. We don't know if she did anything but her punishment had to be diffrent from Biff's cause Biff had come to us as a stray but Teddy had been an indoor cat her entire life. A couple weeks later was even more upsetting cause we lost Biff too he got ran over by a car. But I would keep them separated unless they are good friends and play together like my dads cat Tickles and his two female rats Lucky and Wild Tickles loved them and he could let them run loose in his house with his cat all the time. It was the same when he had his male rabbit Carrot Tickles and Carrot played together all the time.

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