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In petco they have holiday packages of sausage for dogs they are in a box I think of 10 they cost 9.99 and they look like summer sausages I have two qeustions about them if you have seen them only awnser then,

1.) have you ever bought them and does your dog like them?

2.) are they the same thing as the summer sausages for People?

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Oct 28, 2012

Haven't ever seen or used them, but they probably aren't going to be like sausage made for people. There are seasonings in human-grade sausage that probably wouldn't be too good for dogs. For one thing, human-grade sausage has too much salt for dogs and probably too much fat. Before buying them make sure they're not made in China. Most dog treats manufactured in China are on dangerous pet food lists because they have been making pets sick and even causing death. None of them have been pulled off the shelves yet, although there is a movement to have them removed. They're in every store so be careful.

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daryl b.

Oct 28, 2012

i agree with kelly. not just the salt but too many other spices too. i have not heard about the chinese treats but it isvery good to know. i will tell people to watch out for them.

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