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I know Rigbee was a puppy but he was house broken then all of a sudden when we went to my grandma's he pottied in the house we figured it was because Cricket had an accident in that area of the house before but then when we got home for the last days he was with us before he got adopted he started pottying in the house he pooped on a bed peed on the floor in the kitchen and peed on a bed skirt he had not done any of this before then and he had been to my grandma's house before and only did it the second time he was there he was a foster puppy I had and he did get adopted by the end of the week but these accidents that came outta no where make me worry that he might come back to paws I just want to know why you think he started doing this all of a sudden outta no where so that if it happens with another foster dog I know what is going on and I know what to do if this helps I do know for a fact that he was healthy and not sick and none of the animals around him were sick they were healthy like him all of them had their shots if anyone knows your help would be greatly appricated?

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Jul 23, 2012

Sounds like something stressed Rigbee out and caused a setback in his house training. It doesn't take a lot to stress a puppy out. It could have been the trip to grandma's; something that happened at grandma's like loud noises, strangers (to him, not you), too much activity, something like that. It could be something so minor to you that you can't even recall what it could be, but it can still be stressful to a puppy. In those cases, go through the potty training process again to get them back on track and figure out what the stressor is that's causing so much distress that they forget what they've learned. Of course the first thing you should always do is make sure they're totally healthy. Their health status can change in an instant so with any unusual behavior health issues need to be ruled out.

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