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I was at PetsMart recently and adoptions were being held. The story about a little tortie kitten stated how scared it was as first it had been taken from its momma and then its 3 black brothers/sister were euthanized. I would like to know if this is true. Were they euthanized because they were black and hard to adopt? I am appalled if that is so so was wondering what the truth might be.

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Jill R.

Apr 30, 2008

Contact the rescue group directly and ask them. It may be true, hopefully its not.

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betty p.

May 04, 2008

Carrie is right. I was at a shelter volunteering one day to set up their computer system for rescue groups. (this was not our shelter just so you know). I was by the front desk and each time somebody came in with a box of kittens, the shelter staff said "we will take care of them. thanks for bringing them in." As soon as the person was gone, they looked thru the box. If they were unique looking, long haired, pretty markings, appeared healthy, they went to the adoption floor. The rest were put in a carrier by the back door to be put down.

Most of the kittens were black, tigers, if they were really scared and hissing, anything over 2 years old. These were the ones put down.

After being there for 4 hours, I was really sick at my stomach. I knew we did not have any room at our shelter and had a waiting list of folks needing to bring in felines. But right before I left, in came three cute, healthy tiger kittens. Same statement given and the person walked out. They were put in a carrier, which I then picked up and said, I would return the carrier some other time. I took the 3 and left.

So the answer to your question is more than likely, they were put down.

And like Carrie said, we need to get folks to spay/neuter and need better laws and programs in place.

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Carrie R.

May 02, 2008

I don't know anything about that particular incident, but the reality is that when a shelter receives more animals than they can care for and that they can find homes for, animals will die. Choosing is extremely difficult no matter what. Kittens and puppies are particularly heartbreaking. BUT the reality is choices are made to maximize placement and often color and length of hair, with cats especially, are predominant factors. Black cats and kittens and dogs for that matter, are the most difficult to place. Ask about any shelter in the world, and you'll probably hear this. This may be appalling but it is a reality and will be until more people responsibily spay and neuter. Animals die every day...black, white, beautiful, etc. because of this and because shelters don't have any room for them all. Very sad fact, but a fact. But we can change this fact with legislation, program, laws, etc. to force people to spay and neuter.

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