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May 27, 2011 | By Laceydh | 3 answers | Expired: 1262 days ago

I have A 2 Year old shizue and he has "red yest infection" on his face on both sides of his nose by his eyes. I hear yogart works I was just woundering if i put it on his face or he eats it or what I do exactly And he is not loosing fur. Please help. Thanks.

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May 29, 2011

I assume you're talking about tear staining. Excessive tearing creates a breeding ground for red yeast around the eyes. It's often genetic, esp. in breeds like shih tzus, but if you haven't had your dog checked out by a vet, you need to. Excessive tearing can be caused by blocked tear ducts, fleas, irritation from hair that hangs in & pokes the eyes, ear infections, or entropion among other things. If no problem is found you can feed your dog a teaspoon of plain non-fat yogurt a day. Make sure the container states that it contains live active cultures. I would check with the vet first & make sure there is no medical cause for the excessive tearing though.

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May 31, 2011

Feed him 1 tsp of yogurt a day. Make sure it doesn't have artificial sweeteners and has the live active cultures. You can also give him 1/2 tablet of Tums once a day or add 1 tsp of white cider vinegar to about 4 cups of drinking water. You may have to start with a smaller amount and build up to that because some dogs refuse to drink the water at first. Both the Tums and the vinegar will change the pH of his tears and yeast will have a harder time growing. If you do add vinegar to his water watch him and make sure he doesn't get dehydrated because it does have a diuretic effect. Please do take him to the vet first tho' to find out if there is some medical reason causing his eyes to water so much. You can also have a groomer trim the hair around his nose and eyes so it doesn't hold onto so much moisture.

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May 27, 2011

What you need to do is call the vet and take him in if you don't take him to the vet it could get worse and I don't think dogs can get yeast infections on their faces if the dog is loosing fur where it is red it might be mange but I can't say for sure make an appointment with the vet and take him to the vet and do what they say.

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