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June 1, 2008 | By Naomi C. | 1 answer | Expired: 2351 days ago

Naomi C.

I am trying to find the best way to hold used litter till I can take it out. I hate using a plastic store bag daily to hold litter plus it sometimes has holes and doesn't keep smell down in the larger trash can.

I have found several possible solutions: use a diaper pail which has some merit but can't see which would be best, use a odor control plastic bag for waste but this is still plastic intensive, or an automatic cat system which is more trouble than I think it is worth.

I now use the sifting box liners from ExquisitCat. There are 30 in a box and then I throw the remaining litter away for the month and start again. This is really working for me except for the usual "oh, you own a cat" smell issue. My cats are older (15 yrs) so don't want to do something dramatic like train them to the adult tolit.

Any recommendations about brands, other ideas?

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Jun 01, 2008

I have 2 cats that are heavy box users. I purchased through the Dr's Fosters and Smith the Petmate litter container. First it can be purchased Way cheaper at Petco then through the internet. ALso the refill bags as well at Petco. That stated. It comes with a sifter and storage for the sifter. It works very well. Easy to carry. Easy to use. Never had any issue with smell. It not bad looking and fits well in the bathroom next to the toliet or litter box. It holds alot of used litter. I used scoopable litter. I have been very pleased with the purchase of it shy of buying it from the internet and paying way to much. Now I know to go to Petco to get the refill liners etc. It has helped with smells and no spills anymore. I think you would be very pleased with it. At petco it was priced 12.99 with a refill included. The bags (refills of 20 were 6.99). A refill cartridge lasts me at least 3 months. I clean all 4 boxes daily. ( As I said they are heavy box users~) lol Hope this helps.

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