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I have two female rats who are both young, about 2-3months old. One is albino and the other is half white half brown. Their fur is starting to become discolored and "yellowish". I clean their cage out once a week and I've tried cleaning them with wipes and putting them in a sink but nothing is really helping. Does anyone know what to do to turn their fur back to white? Thanks!

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Stephanie  C.

Apr 21, 2010

You could try bathing them with a whitening shampoo. Usually (for dogs) the shampoo will be blue or purple. Bathe them gently in a sink of warm water and diluted shampoo. Dry them carefully.

The yellow stains is because they are sitting in urine. I know you said you clean the cage, but try a different bedding material, or clean more often. If you give them hay or batting material (for a quilt) this can 'scrub' the coat as they crawl through it.

Good luck!

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daryl b.

Apr 22, 2010

stef is right. try a gentile whiting shampoo. make sure it is gentile and make sure you get it all off.

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