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November 30, 2009 | By Passion4pasos | 1 answer | Expired: 2244 days ago

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My rabbit has recently gotten really heavy and i havent changed the amount of food i give her and she gets plently of excersize, i did recently change her food though, i gradually changed it to this food called, small world rabbit, it DOES NOT have anything in it but pellets. does anyone know anything about this rabbit food, is some of the ingredience really fatening? thanks :)

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Dec 04, 2009

Maybe there is something fattining in it and hes an easy gainer. To of my rabbits gained alot more weight then my others did and i have 17 all together (there all pretty much rescues :)!) and they all eat the same kind of food. The food I feed mine is a show rabbit quality type of feed. Its all pellets as well. But only 2 of my rabbits gained more weight then the rest did. Them to havent gained anymore. Now there just happy fat rabbits. Oh yah and they all do get exercise. I guess it could just be the breed or just easy keepers. :).

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