Q: Question about rabbits and them trying to bite

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Question about rabbits and them trying to bite

I just got a new bunny from someone who could not care for the bunny. The bunny was on the bed and was kinda like trying to dig scratching at the sheets my girlfriend did it back it the bunny with her fingers scratching the bed and my rabbit went crazy he charged at her and bit her on her hand and it was a bad bite. here is jaws

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Michele Z.

Mar 18, 2008

In the wild, bunnies dig holes and like to have their own place to retreat. It sounds like your bunny took your friend's behavior as an attempt at infringing on the area the bunny had already claimed as his own. Your friend unintentionally violated the bunny's space, and your bunny responded in the way he knows how--charging and biting at the "violator". It was his "programmed" way of telling your friend to "back off". This is similar to how a caged bird will bite the hand of its owner if s/he inserts his/her hand into the bird's cage/home/haven--the bird would feel threatened.

It is good that you asked the question and sought answers since understanding your bunny can help prevent future mishaps. I hope your friend is okay; she should keep her hand clean (using a disinfectant) and watch for signs of an infection from the wound.

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Angela L.

Mar 22, 2008

Is the rabbit a girl? Is she spayed? Unspayed girls sometimes have false pregnancies, where they feel more of a need to dig and nest and may be more aggressive. They're temporary, just leave her alone for a little bit.

It's also possible that the rabbit just didn't want to be disturbed while having fun. If he wasn't being cared for properly, it may have been a long time since he's had a chance to play. And I know from experience that rabbits from bad situations often have had bad experiences with hands and so are afraid of them.

Just go slowly and let him settle in for now. Pick him up as little as possible and feed him small treats from your hands so he can learn that hands can be nice. And read up on rabbit behavior, it helps a lot! The House Rabbit Society, www.rabbit.org, is a great starting point.

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Sara S.

Mar 18, 2008

what's your question?

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