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I have had two cats suffer from feline urologic syndrome and/or crystals and resulting infections.

I have heard that a canned diet is better for that reason: it increases the hydration of the urinary tract, flushing it better. So to be pro-active, I have pretty much switched to a high-quality meat protein wet food with meat (not meat products) as the first ingredients. I give them little snacks of dry food (again, high quality meat protein).

I am interested in other cat owners' experiences with FUS and wet food diets.

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Dec 28, 2008

FUS is a term given to a group of urinary problems that can affect the lower urinary tract. I've had lots of cats come through with my rescue & several have been diagnosed with FUS but have had different dietary requirements. My Echo is on a low magnesium diet because she developes stones in her bladder. I feed both canned & dry food without recurring problems. I have the Drinkwell fountains & they all seem to drink lots of water. I also add water to their canned food.

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Dec 15, 2008

Hi Ellen...Gracie's mom here. My male cat has had several bouts of cystitis and crystals. He had been eating dry food exclusively when he developed the problem. His urine samples showed that his urine was very, very concentrated and my vet recommended adding wet food to his diet because the high water content would help dilute his urine and keep the pH better balanced. I actually tried switching him to a completely wet food diet, but I almost had a riot in the house...LOL. So now he still free feeds with his dry food but I give him canned food every night and I add extra water to the canned food. I blend it up really well so it's almost like a cat food smoothie (LOL). In addition, I also purchased one of the Drinkwell fountains in an effort to encourage him to drink more water. Believe it or not, he LOVES the fountain and drinks a lot more water now. Ever since I added the canned food and water fountain, he hasn't had any further problems. Being proactive about feline urinary health is great. Anyone who has treated a cat with FLUTD or cystitis knows how horrible it is to see them straining and uncomfortable. Hope that answered your question & good luck!

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