Q: question about amount of food to feed a puppy

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I have another question regarding my puppy Chloe-
Chloe hasn't really been growing that much anymore in height- i don't know if it's b/c she is almost done growing or we aren't feeding her enough.

When my family and I adopted her, the foster mom told us to give her 2 cups of food a day -1/2 four times a day. We did this until she was about 12 weeks. She gained about a lb a week- then my vet told me I was feeding her too much. He said that she's not a "large" breed dog- so, she can't digest the food. Giving her too much will make her carry excessive weight since she's a beagle mix and is prone to having weight issues.

So, upon his advice, we changed her diet to twice a day 1/2 a cup of food. I give her treats/snacks throughout the day- however, she always seems hungry.

She is still gaining weight- and by no means under weight- but upon looking at pictures of her siblings- she is a lot smaller than them- not only in weight but in height.

Should I increase her food?
She is almost 6 months and we believe she weighs around 25 lbs (only b/c she still fits in her crate- can stand and turn around-which holds up to 25 lbs).

Anyone have any advice about how much food we should be feeding or is this okay?


**EDIT** Chloe gets spayed this Friday and I'm going to ask him about the food intake.

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Stephanie  C.

Aug 29, 2008

Puppies can’t be overweight. As long as you’re feeding a good-quality food, let her have all she wants without getting sick.
It’s been my experience that the back of the dog food bags don’t recommend enough food.
Remember that puppies will grow to their right size regardless of the amount of food they get. You can’t stop them from growing up unless you starve them. They will show ribs first. You don’t want a pot-belly with ribs showing as that indicates worms. As long as her energy is up, you can’t see ribs, not pooping too much, let her eat as she wants.

Good luck!

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alicia c.

Aug 27, 2008

i thought the same with brownie but i guess that's how big she's going to get and she's only 1yrs

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Marta J.

Aug 27, 2008

Ask your vet to show you how to judge a dogs weight. You should not see ribs on a dog. You should be able to feel them without much pressure. When you look down from above her, she should have a indented area ( like a waist line) between her ribs and pelvis area. When your vet thinks she is at the right weight, try to keep her there. I feed my dogs according to their activity level that day. If they are very active they get a certain amount. If they're laying around all day, say do to the weather, they get less. Often they won't even finish their food on an unactive day. Beagles do love to eat and it's very easy for them to become overweight if they aren't active.

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tara s.

Aug 27, 2008

check the back of the food bag to see it should have the daily amount for her weight on there

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