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Today is the first day of leaving my 3 month old teacup yorkie home alone while I am at work. OI set up my large bathroom with a play area with an arrangement of toys, a food/water area, training pad area as well as a place to rest. I left the bathroom door open with a child gate in the door entrance. I have had the dog for just over a week. Last week I worked from home but this week I am unable to. I've arranged my work schedule to allow me to go hoem for lunch to be with the puppy.

I hated leaving this morning as the puppy was crying... He doesn't cry himself to sleep so I'm worried that the puppy will be crying for hours. I wish I could explain to him my reasoning for leaving and wished he knew how difficult it was doing so. I'll admit I cried this morning as well as last night at the thought of not being with him...

Is there anything I can do to make this easier on both of us? Should I leave the TV on or radio on in the background? I left a few of my shirts that I've worn the past several days so he can smell my scent near him.

It's so hard for me to leave my puppy at home while I am at work. I am very new to this...

Does anyone have any recommendations for me?

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Stephanie L.

Sep 30, 2008

Stop being a baby.

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Rose  C.

Oct 01, 2008

My dog was about 4 months old when we adopted her. I kept her crated while I was at work. I made a point of running her in the morning so she would have a chance to get a little exercise. I went home at lunch and ran her again. She did very well. I think it was because she never had to wait more than 4 hours to get out.
Within a week she had settled into the routine and I think she spent most of her crate time napping. I think the secret is to let them get some real exercise several times a day. A tired dog is a good dog!

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Oct 03, 2008

Your puppy needs a routine. Don't fuss over him in the AM, but make sure he has a good exercise and a chance to potty before you leave. Follow a routine, and he will learn to be comfortable with that routine. If you are fussy, he will be fussy. If you act calm, he will learn that everything is ok. I would bet money he fusses for a few minutes then sleeps or entertains himself the rest of the time you're gone. Just remember, giving attention to a dog that is doing anything you don't want the to do will encourage the behavior. Ignore the fussing at all costs - or you will be stuck with it forever.

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