Q: puppy names plz!!!!!!!!!

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puppy names plz!!!!!!!!!

hi my dog china is pregnant and i need puppy names they must be kinda Spanish and if there Greek Evan better, oh and if u can may u plz give me advise on doggy birth.

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Denise L.

Oct 06, 2010

Ooh, Greek names for pitties-LOVE IT! Well, there's Hercules, Aphrodite, Athena, Hermes, Perseus, Dionysus...I'd check out some Greek mythology for some cool names!

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Oct 19, 2010

I studying about greek names right now there is: Ulysses, Poseidon, Neptune,circe and lots more I would check history websites. And for birth my mom is vet assistant and she says #1 cause for death of puppies is getting cold.

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Oct 07, 2010

I would just go to websites with lists of names and they usually categorize them by culture and just click on greek and/or spanish.

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