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jessica d.

my chihauhua had puppies the other day.they are mixed with pug.can you sell a mixed breed puppie

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C. K.

Oct 29, 2009

Yes, but please fix your dog after this litter.

Make sure you charge an adoption fee that will cover shots, dewormer, vet care, and spay/neutering (a certificate to get this done is a great item to have in a puppy pack to go with your puppies) of the puppy, so that you can recoup those costs and find serious, loving owners. But if you aren't going to get these things done, you should just call around for no-kill shelters to drop the puppies off at, so that they can get proper care and go to properly screened homes.

By allowing your dog to whelp a litter, you've contributed to the overpopulation of dogs. And I hope you realize that was really irresponsible of you. But now is the time to make the situation better, and find really great homes for these puppies, and get their shots, get them dewormed, and spayed/neutered so that they won't have any more litters that contribute to the pet overpopulation problem.

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Kym C.

Oct 30, 2009

It is ok to sell your puppies but be modest in your price. I agree that you should use the money to spay/neuter your dogs to prevent further unwanted/unexpected puppies. Also make sure they find good homes regardless of asking price.
Ask alot of questions about the future family of your pups and don't feel uncomfortable about it. You are now responsible for these pups and a good home is a must and your responsibility. Make sure your pups are at least 8 weeks before weaning them from mom to make sure they are well adjusted and socialized. You should also make sure the pups have had at least their first shots before leaving your home. I also advise going online and printing buyer contracts for each one of the puppies. This just solidifies the decision of the prospective buyer and sometimes people think twice of the responsibility.
Most adoption sites have free downloads for these contracts.Some are pretty basic and some are quite complex. They basicly state they will provide proper care and treatment for the puppies. Food,water,shelter,companionship,proper vaccines, SPAYING/NEUTERING when they come of age etc.
I am not going to lecture you do to the fact you have enough on your hands and the pups are already here. I also believe zootoo and it's members are here to help one another not hinder.
Good luck to you and your puppies!!!

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Mary C.

Oct 28, 2009

Did you plan this litter? Here's just my opinion, A lot of people now are purposely breeding mixed breeds and calling them "Designer dogs" and charging sometimes even more then pedigrees, which I absoulutly disagree with. For the most part they are not breeding to improve either of the chosen breeds therefore possibly and sometimes causing more health problems. Granted sometimes the good old fashioned mutt can sometimes be better then some purebreds, I would like to see our pedigrees stay pure and maybe be more concentrated on improving those lines. To answer your question, there is nothing wrong with asking a price for your pups in hopes that if someone pays they will get a good home but keep the price modest, they are still a mixed breed!

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