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I take my guinea pig out for a walk but i had to pull on her leash because she was going to go under my step,Witch has a big hole...So does that hurt them if you have to pull back on there leach???
Im new at this whole guinea pig thing lol so i just dont want to do anything to hurt or upset cookie so she will trust and be happy to be with me..

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Mar 26, 2009

Hi again,
I walk my guinea pigs too. Patches is the only one that likes to go on walks though. In order to keep it fun for the guinea pig (and you) let Cookie decide if she wants to go on a walk or not. If Cookie wants to go on a walk, but she just likes to go under the steps, try to walk her somewhere else or pick Cookie up before she goes under the steps. Pulling at the leash might hurt Cookie or even worse, make Cookie afraid of walking on a leash again. (Cookie is SUPER CUTE)

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Mar 28, 2009

The fact that she is trying to go under the step might be an indication that she wants to get away from where she is at. Try putting her on the leash (harness only) inside to see if she likes it. Guinea pigs have tender foot pads, almost rodent like. Pulling or dragging her can hurt those tender soles. Concrete or a hot asphalt area can injure or burn her feet so be careful. Also watch to see she is not eating things off the ground she shouldn't be.

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