Q: Pregnant mare?

January 1, 2011 | By Meghan B. | 1 answer | Expired: 1848 days ago

Meghan B.

I recently (August 2010) bought a mare. She was like she should be until around October. Sure, I had noticed her gaining a bit of weight, but slowly it built up, and she outgrew her girth (which was a 52" to begin with). Here are the symptoms that makes me consider that she is pregnant:

1) Weight gain (dispite the fact that she gets no grain, only hay)
2) Always hungry (eats slowly and steadily, not fast)
3) Is fidgety on the crossties
4) Doesn't like being saddled
5) I am almost certain she has not come into heat since we bought her

I don't know. I just don't know. We'll probably have a vet check her out this coming week, but I wanted to hear some thoughts on this. Being a first-time horse owner, you can imagine my feelings - panic, shock and a lot of, "I am so not ready for this."

What do you think?

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daryl b.

Jan 02, 2011

if she is when it gets to a very short time before foaling there will be a waxy substant on the ends of her teats. i don't know whether to say i hope she is or not. but i hope you get whichever would make you happy. happy new years

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