Q: potty training a rabbit

September 9, 2008 | By jackie c. | 2 answers | Expired: 2695 days ago

jackie c.

does any one know the best way to potty train a rabbit and what kind of litter to use

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Sep 09, 2008

Start training them in their cage. Use a pan smaller than the cage and fits well into it. As the bunny learns to use it, the pan can be moved outside of the cage to the location you want, just show him/her where it is. My mom in law uses chips as litter and it works well.

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Amie B.

Sep 11, 2008

Usually in a well stocked petstore you can find a corner litter box for small animals. It's triangular and will fit well into the corner of a small cage (usually for ferrets, but have seen them for bunnies as well, and even smaller ones for small rodents like mice and gerbils).

As for the litter, there's also usually a certain kind that stores would recommend for small animals, like yesterday's news (it's stuff made from old newspaper), but when I worked at a petstore, we stocked the litter in the ferret cages with regular clay kitty litter and it worked just fine.

As for training around the house, if you let them roam around, you're bound to have an accident or two, but as long as you keep a litterbox out for them and they know where to find it, they'll use it. Or leave the door to the cage open, so when they have to go, they just get back in and do their business, then go play again.

Good luck.

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