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Eddie has returned I can't figure out why but Eddie is back I know it is him he is still real small and he is bigger but smaller than the momma possum I have seen around he also had a patch of fur shaped like the letter w missing he is still very small but adult size he is still hanging around and Abby was after him again I think some one is feeding him when confronted when he was little he would run but now he stands his ground he hissed and growled at Abby but closed his mouth when she took off when it was just me he didn't see me as a threat but I think people are feeding him and that is why it's okay for him to find me friendly even Abby now and then but finding all humans and all dogs friendly could be a bad thing for him I don't want Eddie to get hurt but since he is not injured or sick I doubt a possum rescue would take him if I could catch him what do you think I should do?

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Nov 17, 2012

If someone is feeding him or even just leaving food out for their pets he's not going anywhere. Possums do fairly well in neighborhoods with people and dogs. I doubt anyone is handling him as he probably wouldn't stand for that. I've had possums stand on the porch with me and not display any posturing trying to scare me off. They would, however, hiss at me and bare their teeth if they were truly cornered or if I had to push them out of the way with my foot. Humans and cars are more of a threat than animals. A possum can do serious injury or cause death to a dog if attacked. Those teeth are like razors and although they don't want confrontation, they will defend themselves fully.Just limit interaction with him and let him go about his business. A rescue or sanctuary won't take him unless he's hurt or possibly in real danger. You should go out to the following sites and read about them. I find their info really interesting and helpful.

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