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my dad's parents have a rescued pomerianian her name is Ginger she is probably about 18 years old now last time I saw her she had her beautiful golden coat they don't give her dog food but a diet of scrambled eggs and raw chicken but the other day I saw her and she is going bald she is starting to look like a rat instead of a pomerianian from her waist to tail is almost entirely bald they say ever since she got groomed it's been like that and not gonna grow back she doesn't appear to be sick she acts happy and healthy should I tell them that this is something to worry about or not?

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Dec 14, 2012

Chicken and eggs isn't a very well-balanced diet and doesn't contain the nutrients a dog needs. Dogs need to eat a diet comparable to what their wild ancestors ate. Now that we've domesticated them we have to provide them with the food their bodies require and crave. Chicken and eggs provide no fiber and would be totally out of balance in the protein/fat/carb ratios they need. You can feed a dog the "prey diet" which is what they would eat in the wild but it includes not only meat, but n=bones and organs as well. This way they get the fiber from the plants that their "prey" ate. Dogs are not obligate carnivores, they eat plants too. Don't know if the problem is nutritional or something else. Could be thyroid, could be a lot of things. You should always take your pet to the vet when something changes with their health and you don't know why.

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