Q: Pointer/pit mix?

November 2, 2010 | By Messymessy | 2 answers | Expired: 1908 days ago

I am curious if anyone has any experience or info. with a pointer/pit mix? We are in the process of adopting a 7 mo. puppy that we believe is a mix of these breeds. He is very sweet, on the small side, but I have trepidation about the pit side of him. I know that most of what I hear is just heresay and that most pits make great dogs, but I am feeling nervous. Thanks for listening!

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Nov 04, 2010

Wow! what a unique mix! I bet he's adorable. I wouldn't worry about the pit part of anything unless you have other dogs or smaller children and just make sure you introduce them properly. I have volunteered at shelters before and pit bulls really do get a bad rep but the ones I've worked with have been very sweet dogs and would make great pets. This mix might have quite a bit of energy though and need some daily exercise.

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Nov 02, 2010

What mix I don't think I have ever heard of such a thing. I love pitt-bulls but don't know much about them. But if you want some help I would say go to petfinder type in the search boxes cat for animal, Tordisshell for breed, female for sex, and then for location 98632 which is the zip code a tordisshell cat will be on the list named Melody that is from a place called rescued paws. a lady named Cam is who has her and you can find at least her e-mail address on there and she is an expert on dog breeds and could tell you what you need to know.

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