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Breezy P.

Romeo and Juliet are the two sweetest, most lovable, happy, go-lucky dogs I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I am lucky enough to be their mommy, and they are my very best friends. They were my 11th birthday presents and we all grew up together. They were always there for me, no matter what childhood or teenage or adult issues I encountered, and now I need to be there for them. Even though they and I think they are still puppies, some medical issues are starting to slow them down. The good news is many of their issues are fixable and treatable with the proper veterinary care. Sadly, the funds required to get them the care they need and deserve is finically out of reach at the moment. Thus, I have turned to the internet. I am hoping and praying, that the kindness of friends, family, strangers, and pet-lovers all over will look deep into their hearts and help these wonderful pups. As of recent, I am having severe difficulties with my finances and my pets health and getting them the veterinary care they need. I was hoping donations from this website will be able to provide us a way to get them veterinary care. Currently I am a student and I care for children with autism a few hours a week for a small wadge. I live with my retired mother and my recently laid off boyfriend, who is collecting unemployment. I have three rescue kitties in addition to Romeo and Juliet. Our biggest concern is that Romeo has possible congestive heart failure and dental disease that contributes to his possible congestive heart failure. Romeo has had a cough for a while, possibly due to his heart murmur and the fact that he may have an enlarged heart possibly pushing on his trachea. The reason these are all possibilities and not known for sure is because I have been unable to afford the heart diagnostic tests needed to determine the cause of his cough. The vet has recommended chest x-rays and an electrocardiogram be preformed. Romeo also does not chew his food due to the fact that his teeth are greened with tarter and his gums are inflamed. A dental prophylaxis canine package including a dental scaling and blood test was recommended. While attempting to save up money for these procedures I brought both Romeo and his sister Juliet, who I believed to be a perfectly healthy pup, to the Banfield Pet Hospital a little while ago for a routine check-up and vaccination update. It was at this vet visit that I learned some very devastating news. Both Romeo and Juliet have skin masses. One on Romeo's belly, and two on Juliet's lower sides. The vet recommended we test the masses by doing a aspirate/drain seroma and a cytology on all of the three locations. I was also very disheartened to learn that Juliet has a fractured tooth and a loose tooth that both need to be extracted, and that she too needs a dental prophylaxis canine package. Recently, she too has not been chewing her food, and completely refusing bones and hard treats all together. In addition, we also learned that Juliet has arthritis in her little legs. Given our current financial situation it is very, very difficult to pay for these extremely expensive veterinary procedures. I greatly appreciate any and all that can be done to help my pets and I. Even if you can't donate, pretty please post this link (romeojuliet.chipin.com/romeo-and-juliet) any and everywhere you can- FaceBook, Twitter, Google + ect. Thank you so very much for your time and consideration.

~Romeo, Juliet, and their Mommy <3

The donation website link:

Another donation site for them (this one takes 7% so try the top one first, however it does have lots of cute pictures on it!)

Cute video of Romeo =)

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Jan 31, 2012

You may want to call around to other vets. I haven't tried Banfield, but my vet typically does things for half the cost of anywhere else. B/c Banfield rents larger facilities, the cost of treatment must cover that. For instance, a year and a half ago my dog needed full dental and a lump removed. The end cost was around $200 when other places were quoting me $400-600.

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Jan 31, 2012

Jillian has a point...Banfield is typically much higher than other vets. My vet is rated one of the best in the metroplex and is super cheap, esp. compared to Banfield. I also discovered that they tend to order lots of tests and procedures even when they're not needed. I took my cat in with EGC when I couldn't get in to see my regular vet and they wanted to do biopsies, extensive blood work, and numerous other tests even though I had his records showing his diagnosis. All he needed was a cortisone shot to get him him through his latest flare up.

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Jan 31, 2012

There are some animal rescue groups that can sometimes help out with that stuff they would still be your dogs of course just the rescue would pay for their medical care Such as rescued paws depending on the breed they are there maybe a special group that can help you! I know how you feel though I always feel so helpless when my animals get sick when Teddy got sick we knew she had a tumor that was most likely cancerus we could not find anyone to help us and could not afford to have it removed so we just made her as comfortable as possible until her time came I wish I could help more!

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