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September 3, 2011 | By Lyndsay | 1 answer | Expired: 1608 days ago


Ok, So my male catahoula Hunter is scaring me. He keeps licking the floor, trying to throw up but nothing is coming out except a bit of bile(Which he then licks up) He wont drink water, and would not eat last night. He still wants to play fetch and stuff, but other than that... I'm really nervous,I've never seen anything like this before with him. Hes 7 BTW.

10 min update: Hunter just made this huge sickening sound out in the front room, and when i went to check on him, there was this puddle of white bile. I'm really scared, my other dog Eli thought it was me who made the sound and looked at my like I was an alien or something. I'm Freaking out, and shaking, and hunters still hacking and licking. Please help me!

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Sep 03, 2011

Hunter is a very cute name for a dog, Please take Hunter to the vet this could be a number of things a virus or some disease but it is possible that it's contaigous and if you don't take Hunter to the vet it is a possibitlity that Eli your other dog could catch it too.

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