Q: Please help.. need a foster home

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Please help.. need a foster home


We had to move from a house to an apt. We have been looking for an apt almost a month. Couldn't find any pet friendly one in brookfield/riverside. We can't change the city because my sister has to go to Riverside Brookfield High School. So we found this apt. but the owner accepts cats but no dogs. Several months ago we adopted a beautiful female pitbull which is 4 years old. She is the most loving pitbull ever. She ignores the cats, loves people, kids. Every kid stopped me for petting her when i take her for a walk. She doesn't bark, she stays in the crate. Never did accident, fully house broken. I really don't want to lose her , and don't want to give her away.

On april i went to the shelter and i saw her , she was crying in the cage and was looking on every person's face when they are walked in to the shelter. She was crying. after a six months i went there again , she was there! so we adopted her... now i am really sorry that i couldn't keep my promise to her. I don't want to take her to the shelter. moving in an apt. wasn't just my choice. all family decided. so i couldn't do anything.

i need a foster home for her. for a year.. if i can't find a foster home ill be needing an adoption.. We can discuss what we can do in the email.. but i don't want her to go far away so i can see her whenever i want .

i have two weeks to move to an apt... i live in brookfield , il .

thank you..

thank you so much..

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Nov 18, 2009

Have you looked into any of the rescue groups or centers for animals sometimes they will foster a dog or a cat for some one until they are able to take it back into their home. If you live in Longview,WA cowlitz county zip code 98632 or near here rescued paws is one of the rescue's that will do this for you and usaully you just have to pay for the stuff to take care of the dog the food the treats toys and of course the vet bills. I am positive one of the ladies at rescued paws would be willing to help you escpially Paula everyone calls her the dog lady because she loves dogs and all the dogs she fosters love her just at first sight it doesnt matter if the dogs past with humans was a horrid one they are not scared of her and seem to understand that paula is a good person with just one look at her. She has a couple of her own dogs as well but she takes great care of all of them even the cats who love her just as much as the dogs do animals are the same way with me but I can't foster any at the moment my dog as a strange additude about other dogs and my older cat about has a heart attack if we bring home an unfimilar animal and she scares so easily and is about 17 years old now and it is better for her to stay calm plus my younger cat we are trying to find him a new home because he does not sit well with our older cat. anyways this should work I know I would certainly help you out by being your foster if I could but my mom would be against it she does not like or trust pitt bulls as for me I love them and plan on having one in the near future after I move out of my mom's house. good luck and thankyou for adopting and giving a dog a second chance.

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Lisa B.

Nov 22, 2009

Check the SPCA how about the people who are moving in where you live now? PitBulls are difficult to place with children. how about a farm outside of town that will take your dog and let you visit? Sometimes places like that will allow it. I tried what you are trying to do with a cat, but the people wanted to keep the cat. I was very sad, but happy that the cat found another good home.

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