Q: Please help my pups!

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Please help my pups!

Hi again! I totally understand what you guys mean mean, I started to write all of the details, but I just sort of assumed people wouldn't want to read all of the boring stuff. I didn't buy the pups, my mom bought me Juliet when I was eleven, before she got divorced and her company went bankrupt and she retired. And Romeo was a was a rescue and is not a PB. I am now a student and times are really rough, and I'm trying to do my best to get them the care they deserve, but with my own personal health issues its really hard. I am having severe difficulties with my finances. I've contacted several organizations and they all seem to just send me lists of other organizations if they reply to me at all. Anyway, as I said, I am currently a full time student and I care for children with autism a few hours a week for a small wadge. I live with my retired mother and my recently laid off boyfriend, who is collecting unemployment. I have three rescue kitties in addition to my two dogs. Romeo has had a cough for a while, possibly due to a heart murmur and the fact that he may have an enlarged heart possibly pushing on his trachea. The reason these are all possibilities and not known for sure is because I have been unable to afford the heart diagnostic tests needed to determine the cause of his cough. The vet has recommended chest x-rays and an electrocardiogram be preformed. Romeo also does not chew his food due to the fact that his teeth are greened with tarter and his gums are inflamed. A dental prophylaxis canine package including a dental scaling and blood test was recommended by their vet. While attempting to save up money for these procedures I brought both Romeo and his sister Juliet, who I believed to be a perfectly healthy pup, to the Banfield Pet Hospital a little while ago for a routine check-up and vaccination update. It was at this vet visit that I learned some very devastating news. Both Romeo and Juliet have skin masses. One on Romeo's belly, and two on Juliet's lower sides. The vet recommended we test the masses by doing a aspirate/drain seroma and a cytology on all of the three locations. I was also very disheartened to learn that Juliet has a fractured tooth and a loose tooth that both need to be extracted, and that she too needs a dental prophylaxis canine package. In addition, we also learned that Juliet has arthritis in her little legs. Given our current financial situation it is very, very difficult to pay for these extremely expensive veterinary procedures. If anyone here is are able to help in any way, I would greatly appreciate any and all that can be done to help my pets and I.

Please help us out by going to:
www.giveforward.com/romeojuliet Thanks!!!

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Jan 20, 2012

Jillian is right and also why do you need help paying for your dogs? Did you lose your job and find yourself in a financial bind at a time where your pup or pups need life saving medical attention or do you just want somebody else to pay for their shots because you don't want to? You see how this plea can be interpreted in different ways? There are too many people scamming others, esp. in the rescue community, to just ask for money without giving details and providing a vet reference who can verify your story. You obviously had $$ to get 2 PB dogs. People could say you shouldn't have gotten the dogs if you couldn't pay for their vet care unless they know some details that sway their opinion. I'm not being judgemental. I'm just telling like it is. People don't tend to just hand over money because someone asked for it and put their dogs on display as the needy ones. They're going to want to know why and how. I, personally, only do these sorts of things when I can pay the vet directly and only after verifying who they are, what the emergency is, and what the circumstances are unless I'm contributing to rescues, who are always strapped for $$ but never at a loss for pets in need.

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Jan 20, 2012

You may want to include what they need done. It's especially difficult to get strangers to donate when they can't clearly picture what they're donating to. For instance, I asked for and received $285 in donations for my foster dog recently, but the donations only started coming in when I made an itemized list, total costs, and gave them the option of donating directly to my vet. However, you should mention that credit card donations made directly to a vet can cause the vet's office to have to cover the fees depending on your area. Debit is always fine though. All but one of my donations still came to my paypal account, but it gives the donator security in what those funds are being used for. Lots of scams out there which make people nervous.

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Jan 19, 2012

If you are having a temporary financial problem here are some contacts that might be able to help:

American Animal Hospital Association

Angels 4 Animals


The Pet Fund

Animal Wish List (Yahoo! group)

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