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I have neighbor's that live in a duplex behind me they have a little shiba inu mix named Lady, she is a very friendly dog as long as other dogs are not around. her owners use to just tie her up in the yard since there is no fence she is a medium sized dog though and she kept getting loose and was left outside and ignored and they yell at her and I have seen them slap her very hard before too. They are very mean to her no animal deserves this and they do have a play pen for her now but she can jump right out of it and get loose I am afraid she could get hit for now I have some good neighbor's that can help me out and the local rescue keeps talking to her but unless I have complete proof of animal abuse towards Lady I can't do anything except keep her from getting hit by cars and watch her suffer. What Should I do?

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Mar 06, 2011

Do you know any independent rescuers or rescue groups that you can report the abuse to? A lot of rescuers go the extra mile to get animals out of dangerous situations. They sometimes even offer to buy the animal from the abuser and offer a little education in the process. If all else fails they've been known to seize whatever opportunity they find to rescue the animal. Some of them have gone to jail, but they do it for the animals.--There are a lot of rescuers out there like Tamira Thayne from Dogs Deserve Better ;) Do record what you can and also report the abuse and neglect to rescuers who might be willing to intervene. The longer Lady is in this household, the more chance there is for something bad to happen.

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Mar 05, 2011

Keep a video camera by where you can see the abuse happen, catch it on tape.
Other than this just help that poor sweet animal like you are right now!

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