Q: Please help inherited two cats!

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Please help inherited two cats!

I inherited two cats 8 and 9. They are both neutered and front declawed. They are some of the best cats and I mean that, loving patient love to snuggle, love each other, no accidents immaculate house keepers. I have had cats and these are the kind of cats you Hope to have, but unfortunately my sister is a crazy alcoholic and picked up herself a couple of Min Pins and became a back yard breeder. She then neglected the cats leaving them to eat dog food and she also had a terrier that chased them off any time they would come out. When she reached her limit on pets in her Apartment, she put her terrier to sleep and had my niece gave the cats to a young friend in MI. That girl lost her job, moved twice with the cats, then I got a call they would go to the shelter if I did not take them. This started in July of this year. Poor things have moved 4 times in this short time! I have had them or two weeks.
Now my problem is that I have a 15 year old male cat that is not neutered or de clawed. I did as much research on introducing cats as possible, and I am so worried for all of them. I have been keeping the two boys in my bedroom, sleeping on the couch with my 15 year old. The two 'new' boys have had limited time in the kitchen in the past week, and in the last two days have got to come out into the living room for a few hours. The cats have all been sniffing each other threw the divider I have up in the doorway. While my cat appears interested, he is obviously nervous. We originally had two other cats that have since passed and were both males not neutered. Yes I learned the hard way, they had a few really bad fights. One even sent me to the hospital when I tried to break it up. I ended up with four abbesses on my face. It was afful. So as you could imagine I am scared to death to let them meet.
The two boys have lost some weight since July when they left my sisters, but they are still overweight from the dog food. Both weigh I would guess 20 lbs each. There coats are awful and they are both so itchy they have had flea meds so I know it is diet related, the long hair boys is really matted and I am trying to come up with the money to take them to the vet.
My cat weighs 11lbs. he is in fairly good health for his age, has a skin condition that makes him itchy but also had chronic gum disease and one by one the vet had to remove all but one of his fangs and the little front teath. My vet says he is a tough tom cat, and he is, he is all muscle. He was social with both our other cats, and those two did not get along. He would police them if he saw they were about to intersect.
Am I nuts? Is this a bad idea? I feel like I am over my head and keep freaking out. Our place is tiny and I am doing the best I can, but my husband is getting impatient.
Any advise would be appreciated

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Sara L.

Nov 21, 2008

The key here is patience. Since these cats have come from a difficult place and need a readjustment period. I wouldn't introduce the cats to each other if you have already had an attack. The 15 year old is protecting his territory and will continue to do so. The male will have to accept these cats into his house before any acceptance can me made. This is the most critical time to keep them socialized. If you are becoming overwhelmed, as a friend to foster or maybe find a home without cats. You don't to loose your sanity or be afraid of what may happen. Plus, if your husband is not keen on the idea of two more cats. It may be time to compromise and do what it best for the two cats. I hope this helps.

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Nov 22, 2008

The first thing is to remember that you are trying to do the best that you can for all of the cats so no matter what happens you tried. The crate suggestion is a good one. Put one cat in it at a time and let one roam around. Then switch them around so they spread their scent around. You can also do this by switching litter boxes. Don't feed them the same dish but let them see each other when they do eat. I know that they need to lose weight but food is one way of making peace (you don't want them to compete for food). It will take some time. Some cats can take a couple of years to adjust and some never do.
The main thing that you HAVE to do is get them to a vet to get them checked.

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Nov 21, 2008

It will be all right. Bless your heart for taking them in.

It will take a little time for everyone to get used to each other and the newcomers to settle down after all they've been through. Letting them sniff each other through the gate is a good idea. After they've gotten used to each other, you may try them all together under close supervision. Have a blanket ready though to throw on them though in cae of a fight, or use s squirtgun for shock value, but don't get in the middle again.

For the matting you can try some vegetable oil and a de-matting comb. If they are really bad, you may need to cut them out, but be careful not to cut the skin. Cut between your fingers, not the skin and your finger.

You could give the cats each a therapeutic bath - oatmeal or aloe vera formula - something that would soothe their skin. If water is too aversive to them, try a waterless shampoo. Maybe even apply some oil directly to the skin and massage it in.

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