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Cricket has always done this ever since my grandma got her she was a rescue Cricket is a miniture Poodle Cricket will pee on the floor even if you take her outside every hour and she knows she is spose to go outside and not in the house my grandma has had Cricket for about 3 years now and Cricket is now 8 or 9 years old and she acts healthy Cricket knows she is spose to pee outside and this is not marking I already know that but I am wondering could Cricket have a bladder infection, a urinery tract infection or could Cricket possibly be diabetic I know some people will go for years with being diabetic and not knowing it and be in okay health so could anyone help me out here cause if Cricket needs to be checked for any of this stuff I know my grandma will take her in to the vet but so far the vet gives her a good bill of health I don't know if she has been checked for these 3 things though?

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Mar 30, 2012

If Cricket has done this for the three years your grandma has had her, chances are she was doing it even before that. Which means, no, she doesn't know she's supposed to ONLY go outside.

If it were an infection left to fester that long, you'd know. Eventually infection spreads, causing many symptoms, and if left untreated it'll get into the blood, major organs, causing sepsis which quickly leads to death.

It could be diabetes, but I wouldn't suspect it w/o any other symptoms like increased thirst or unexplained weight loss. The urinating as a lone symptom, in this case being a constant, it's more likely to be a learned behavior or a behavioral issue.

The only medical issue I'd really consider at this point is epilepsy, and that's if Cricket is only peeing when no one's watching. If you've watched her squat and pee, then it's not an accident. But if the spots are always found afterward, it could be she's been having seizures and can't control her bladder.

Assuming it's behavioral, spray down the area with Nature's Miracle and just let it sit. Once dry, maybe do that again. You'll probably need a black light at this point to see them all, but until they're clean you'll have no chance in redirecting Cricket. Then she'll need to go out every other hour, making sure she's fully eliminated herself, and keep up with any future accidents. Give Cricket lots of praise for going outside and even attach the command "potty" when she does, that way your grandma can instruct her where to go. If Cricket is still having trouble learning this after two weeks, she should be tethered to your grandma all day until she learns. That way your grandma will know instantly if she's about to have an "accident".

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