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Today I was talking to a woman whom I've know for about two years and the topic of pigs came up. She said that "pigs on average are as smart as humans" which although I do know that pigs are smart they aren't that smart. I told her that I heard it was closer to a three year old human, and she got defensive. She said, "I've done research!" No offense to her intelligence but I'm pretty sure she didn't really research it and I think her claim is a bit off. Does anyone know what the actual comparison is for pigs vs. humans?

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May 20, 2010

It's really hard to answer that question because intelligence is relative. Who's to say what "intelligent" means? Generally, intelligence is based on the ability to learn through observation, the ability to have self-recognition (i.e. if you are looking in a mirror, you realize that it is yourself), and the ability to use tools. Pigs can do all of these things. I have met some pigs that are smarter than some people I have met (Haha), but the definition of intelligence depends on who you are talking to. It's all relative! :-)

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Jun 01, 2010

pigs have been rated at the approx intelligence of a 4 year old child

the scientific order of intelligence is as follows.
1st- homosapiens>humans
2nd- primates>monkeys

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Jun 02, 2010

i looked it up on wiki anwsers and it said pigs are actually smarter than humans but i dont kknow, from experiencce i had a pig that would play the piano for a strawberry

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