Q: PetSmart Killed My Dog While Grooming Him. What Do I Do, Please Help?

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PetSmart Killed My Dog While Grooming Him. What Do I Do, Please Help?

On Christmas Eve (12-24-2009) We dropped off our dog at the groomers and one and a half hour later we received a called from the PetSmart groomers to "come pick your dog up, he is just laying on the groung and is not moving" When we got there 7 minutes later, our dog had no pulse, and was not breathing. There was no Vet called even though they have a Vet Clinic attached to the PetSmart. Our Gizmo was only 10 yrs old. We are devastated today and we want answers but NO ONE from their head office or the local store in Bloomingdale, IL. is talking. What do I do? The groomers (4-5 ladies) did not do anything while our Gizmo was laying there helpless. Their Add/Promotion on TV says "Professional pet stylists who are safety-certified and trained in ALL areas of care" so that would mean CPR too. They did NOTHING, not even CPR. The store manager decided to leave early for the day so he was not even present when we got there. He came almost 30 minutes later. They wanted us to take our dog to an emergency clinic which was 40 minutes away in the snow. They didn't have the common decency of called one of the Vet until I yelled at them and told them that I was calling the cops if they do not get a Vet from their clinic here ASAP so the manager called a vet who came 25 minutes later and she (the Vet) made sure that she along with the store manager told my family while we stood their in tears that "she didn't have to come, she came out of the goodness of her own heart" (gee,thanks). She didn't tell us anything different that we already knew. We already knew our Gizmo died way before even we got there. Today, the Soni family wants answers! What did they do while grooming him? Why isn't anyone there talking? Even the girl who groomed Gizmo, would not talk properly. Yes, we want answers and we are heart broken today. Our holiday season will never be the same again. We had Gizmo since he was 6 weeks old and this year he would have been 11 years old. We miss him so much today. :( We have written a letter to their head office but have not heard anything either. Please DO NOT TAKE YOUR PET TO PETSMART FOR GROOMING!! The people there just don't care about your pet. We feel that the muzzle might have been on too tight or for too long, or the hair dryer was too hot for our little Gizmo to handle. Or, both!!

We want answers PetSmart!!! Who do I contact in the media/newspaper to tell our store? I do not want to just sit here and do nothing about it nor do I want anyone else to go through what we went through on x-mass even.

What would you do if this happened to your family pet of 11 years???

Tina Soni

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Feb 04, 2010

I can not tell you anything that will help but i can tell you that petsmart and petco train there groomer for 8 week then they espect them to go out and be full groomers i train for 4 years and still do not now every ting but i know how to take care of a animal that is y I do in your home pet grooming with the owner there

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Feb 03, 2010

This is devastating to hear... I would start by looking into local laws or bylaws... contact a lawyer. I'm located in Canada so I can't really speak on laws as I don't know US laws. But one would assume that there are consumer protection laws that would allow you to get answers and sue the crap out of them for damages.

In Canada, the dog was put in thier care... through a verbal contract, they owed you a duty of care to take care of the dog. Thier advertisements if they state they will provide care, are false advertising.

Check out these two things in terms of US laws.

Best of luck.

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Denise L.

Feb 03, 2010

This is not the 1st time I've heard about this...in the past, we've taken our dogs there & didn't really have any problems (apart from one of them not knowing one of our dogs was male besides the fact his name was Dudley & still had his testicles & another grooming our wire-haired fox terrier like a Bichon Frise). After hearing these stories, I refuse to use that groomer (thank God, my current doggy doesn't need a groomer). I'm so sorry for your devastating loss & PetSmart's ineptitude!

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