Q: Pet sitters?

March 8, 2009 | By betsy L. | 19 answers | Expired: 2072 days ago

betsy L.

Has anyone evedr hired a pet sitter? We go out of town a few times a year for about a week at a time and it is hard to find people to check in on our cats and clean the litter. Has anyone ever used a pet sitter and how do you find one you trust?

Thanks everyone for the insite, and just to the one who said take them with us or dont go, well we travel 14 hours to see family 2 times a year, taking 4 cats with you is just not goint to work, plus not every one would want their guests to bring them. but thank you every one

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Tracy H.

Mar 13, 2009

We frequently travel for the weekend. I have used both a proffesional service and my neighbors. When I live in the city I used a local service. They were good. What I suggest is doing a one day trip or a weekend trip before you do a whole week. That is what I did with the service. They came, although my lab wouldn't let them in the door. They were unable to take her out for a walk. She had a basement kennel so the mess was not a big problem. All we wanted to make sure is that she had food & water at the minimum. Which they put in through the door. So my other suggestion is to have them come to get to know the dog first which a good service would be willing to do. As for the neighbors, I use the kids, you know 12yr - and up. They play with my kids and the dog so the dog is use to them. In return it gives the kids a sense of responsiblity and a bit of pocket cash.

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Mar 09, 2009

I used to be a dog sitter. I would clean house for a family once a week and when they went out of town, I would stay at their house and take care of the dog. I am sure you tried all the people you know, but that's my answer.

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Brigitte B.

Mar 08, 2009

Yes I have used ones before. Do a Google search, and look for ones in your area. Lots of them have websites with testimonials. Check your local vet or animal shelter for places that they recommend also.

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